SIOBHAN WILSON – ” Paris Est Blanche “

Posted: August 8, 2017 in MUSIC
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No route planner would suggest the trip from Elgin to Glasgow required a five-year sojourn in Paris, but that’s the route that Scottish-songwriter Siobhan Wilson took. An obsession with French culture started in Siobhan’s teenage years and culminated in leaving her homeland behind for pastures Gallic. The influence of that Parisian adventure is all over Siobhan’s upcoming album, “There Are No Saints”, never more obviously, or brilliantly, than on recent single Paris Est Blanche.

Siobhan was born in Elgin, but recorded and released in Paris before returning to Scotland a few years ago,

we recorded ‘Dear God’ for Split 12” Vol.3, which was featured as Lauren Laverne’s ‘headphones moment’, has gone on to clock up 10,000 Soundcloud plays. After the release of the Split 12” Siobhan went on to release ‘Say It’s True’ on Reveal, before a chance encounter at a Modern Studies gig before Christmas led to us discussing her new album – a beautiful, minimal record which she was making with Chris McCrory of Catholic Action.

Generally I make sure to listen to things through several times and properly think things over before offering to release a record, but on this one I was about halfway through the first song and I knew we’d want to put it out.

By turns still and pretty, and with an undercurrent of nastiness which rears its head every once in a while, to my ears this is just a stunningly beautiful album. and one I am delighted to have associated with the label.

Sung entirely in French, Paris Est Blanche is the somewhat intriguing prospect of a song written by Siobhan’s ex-boyfriend. As Siobhan explains, “we met in Paris and lived in a tiny studio flat with a cat. After 5 years together we went our separate ways. I haven’t seen him since. His song on my album is a way of evoking a beautiful memory. It’s a dedication to the feeling of being in love and this particular song represents the time I spent in France.” Set to a steady beat and flourishes of rich piano, Paris Est Blanche manages to sound determined, strong, and liberating even if our limited French leaves us barely understanding a word. It’s a bold choice of single, but one that’s utterly justified by the sheer quality of the vocal performance.


The album Paris Est Blanche is taken from is a mesmerising, versatile and thrilling listen. Showcasing both Siobhan’s passion for alternative music and her classical training, it is never short of brilliantly played. Thematically, the album touches on ideas of heartache, the life of an artist and questioning your own religious faith. Recent single Whatever Helps was a muted ode to the difficult of moving on with your life, Make You Mine is a determined attempt at flirting set to music, while Dear God is an utterly gorgeous sounding discussion on the difficulty of maintaining faith when there’s seemingly no evidence that anyone is looking out for you.


There Are No Saints came July 14th via Song, By Toad. 


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