TYPHOON – ” White Lighter ” Secret Show for La Blogotheque

Posted: August 8, 2017 in MUSIC
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The last several years for Typhoon have been–as I’m sure you can sympathize–a total blur. While the tenets of yoga and twitter may advise you to live in the present, it’s always healthy practice to look backwards from time to time.

Before we get rolling on the new record cycle, I wanted to share something we have in the archives.

On December 7th, 2013–one of the coldest nights in Portland’s recorded history--Typhoon collaborated with our dear friends at La Blogotheque and a handful of our very talented musical colleagues to film a takeaway show in an empty warehouse performing songs from an album we had released that year called White Lighter. Sadly, the release of the video was hampered by unforeseen circumstances and the project was shelved indefinitely.

I want to thank Art, Joel, Sam, Jamie, Drew, Margaux, Matthieu and all the incredible folks at La Blogothèque for making this happen; I also want to thank our friends, family and fans who braved the weather to watch; and a huge hats off to our guest orchestra members who were both talented and generous enough to play strings, brass and woodwinds in zero degree temperatures with us.

km 08.07.17

Additional Musicians:
Anna Stipe – Bassoon
Ben Magaziner – Viola
Holland Andrews – Clarinet
Patrick Phillips – Tuba
Rie Tanabe – Viola
Samantha Kushnick – Cello

I first met Typhoon in 2011. We climbed trees in the back of an old Austin home before one of their SXSW showcases. And even though we spent less than 20 minutes together that day, they made a deep impression on me and quickly became one of my new favorite bands.
Our paths would cross from time to time in the coming years, each time more special than the last.
But then the White Lighter album came out: one of the most emotional, personal and complete albums of the past 10 years, as far as I’m concerned. I am often touched by songs, but few times does an entire album become the soundtrack to my life. And the more I became obsessed with this album, the more I couldn’t believe how few people knew about it. So I knew that I wanted— no— I needed— to do something with them again.
I emailed Kyle and asked what he thought about doing a secret show where only a few fans could see them play, as if it was a rehearsal. Luckily for me, he obliged.
I arrived in Portland with some of my best friends to film this experience. But we didn’t anticipate the weather. It was the coldest weekend that Portland had in decades. It was so cold that we were genuinely concerned that some of the instruments wouldn’t play right. But as soon as Kyle and the band started playing, that fear quickly subsided. It was almost as if Kyle conducted the temperature in that room the same way he conducts his band: with grace, love, and a gentle wisdom that only he holds— and it’s inspiring and jaw-dropping to witness live.
Any fan of Typhoon will tell you how much their music means to them. It’s personal, it’s sincere, and it makes you tackle emotions you hold deep and don’t take out very often. And for that, they are magic.

Produced by Jamie Moore for La Blogotheque.


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