CABBAGE – ” Uber Capitalist Death Trade “

Posted: August 3, 2017 in MUSIC
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Already picked out by the annual BBC Sound Of poll for a coveted spot on its longlist  and also picked out for the Band of 2017 by the Sun newspaper this week – Cabbage actually began their big explosion in late 2016, but it certainly looks like 2017 will be the year they cement their national reputation.

Five lads from Mossley, Ashton, they’re a riotous take on garage punk, and for a gratuitous slice of what they’re all about start with the explicit video for “Dinner Lady” which – as well as featuring footage of the town they live in – lays out their brutal, sense of surrealism and lyrical passion for the banal in a song about a vitriolic dinner lady who secretes unspeakable bodily fluids into the lunches of people who irritate her.

The quintet are energising to watch – much the same sensation their music has, its erudite political point of view married to killer tunes.

Uber Capitalist Death Trade EP Out Now on Skeleton Key Records 2016 –


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