MAGANA – ” Golden Tongue ” EP

Posted: July 14, 2017 in MUSIC
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NYC-based singer/songwriter Jeni Magana is a woman with a colourful musical history. Over the years, she has written advertising jingles, fronted a ‘90s cover band, and recorded with the Dropkick Murphys, among countless other projects. Until recently, however, she had never released any songs of her own, but that all changed when Golden Tongue  Magana’s debut EP

‘Golden Tongue’ is the debut EP from Brooklyn’s Jeni Magana. It’s a brief, bold and bitterly beautiful calling card from the young artist. Four tracks of brittle and erratic guitar pop. These are weary songs, delivered with both anger and acceptance. There’s a hint of the eccentric and a tinge of melodramatic but these songs sound as haunted and traveled as they do vital and honest. “With what is just the briefest of snapshot Magana has invited us into her world and in the process created something which feels expansive and breathlessly travelled.”


Haunted Alternative Pop from Brooklyn’s Jeni Magana. “Golden Tongue” EP out now on Audio Antihero Records.


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