OLA’s KOOL KITCHEN Radio Show Ep 334

Posted: June 28, 2017 in MUSIC

Ola’s Kool Kitchen is a show on KCLA 99.3 FM in Los Angeles, 107.5 andhow.FM, Rock Velvet Radio, Maximum Threshold Radio, Rock Radio UK, Sword Radio UK, 365 Radio Network, Jammerstream One, Kor Radio, and Firebrand Radio and you can hear more shows here https://hearthis.at/olaskoolkitchen/

Show 334
1. Tennis-Modern Woman
2. Beachwood Sparks-Forget The Song
3. Toy Savoy-Clean Floors
4. Weird Dreams- Binary-single-Tough Love
5. Bloodhounds On MY Trail-Sink-Haunted Isles-Moon Sounds Records
6. Bomb Party-Sugar Sugar-single-Normal
7. Cat Heads-Need To Know-Hubba-Enigma
8. LadyHD- B-side Love-single-self release
9. Soccer Mommy-Last Girl-Single-Glad Fact
10. Ros Sereysothea – I’m So Shy-Cambodian Rocks Volume 1-Khmer Rocks
11. The Deejays-Striped Dreams, Checked Fear-Haze-Hep House
12. Irma Thomas-Time Is On My Side-Time Is On My Side-Kent Records
13. Novo Amor – Colourway-Bathing Beach-Believe Recordings
14. ONCE A POET – THUNDER AND RAIN-single self release


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