CHARLY BLISS – ” Guppy ” Best Albums Of 2017

Posted: June 14, 2017 in MUSIC
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charly bliss Top 25 Albums of 2017 (So Far)

Three years after releasing their three-track Soft Serve EP, Charly Bliss have expanded their crunchy, very ’90s power pop sound into a delectable full-length debut that spans 10 enjoyable tracks. It’s their new album called “Guppy” there’s a big fishy swimming on the front with some smaller fishy pals — but it might as well have been called Sundae LP, as it’s sugary, summery, and doused with all sorts of sweet choclately distortion.

Charly Bliss is having the best time at summer camp. Andrew Costa directs this video for the New York band’s soaringly saccharine power-pop song “Westermarck” — there’s face painting, skateboarding in the dining hall, taking a guitar solo on a ropes course, sparklers. What if we all just lived at camp and the members of Charly Bliss were the camp directors? .

Some may be put off by Eva Hendricks’ vocals, and for good reason: At times, she can sound a little too mawkish, as if she’s just inhaled a tank of helium and rubbed her teeth with the powdery sugar that comes from pixie sticks. But, give the songs a couple of spins — or, you know, just let Guppy swim along and mawkish turns to punchy and punchy turns to addicting and addicting turns to love. And when that happens, poppy ditties like “Percolator”, “Black Hole”, “Ruby”, and “Gatorade” start sounding like all the ’90s college rock you once skipped over for Savage Garden and Everclear. Sigh.


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