JULIE BYRNE – ” Sleepwalker “

Posted: May 4, 2017 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Julie Byrne is one of the most itinerant artists around right now. The Singer Songwriter Not only has moved around the U.S. living  in places like Buffalo to Pittsburgh; Chicago, Seattle and New Orleans they have all been temporary homes , but that all leads to some wonderful, varied music. Someone so keen to see new places and different environments writes beautifully about the natural world – as one might imagine. Double rainbows are featured in the gorgeous Follow My Voice; Natural Blue is about the waking dawn and new day. Scattershot themes run right through – it is one of the most adventurous records you’ll hear from a thematic perspective but is all bonded and fantastic because of Byrne’s exceptional, luscious voice. If you are looking for a singer that can buckle the knees and take you somewhere special then there are few as qualified as Julia Byrne. Synths, dreamy melodies and finger-picked songs might not sound like the ingredients to pull in the hardened Rock elite. The great thing about “Not Even Happiness” is how wide-ranging and universal it is.

Julie Byrne performs “Sleepwalker” live at The End Of the Road Festival.

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