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Grand Rapids, MI band Heaters are back with their second album “Baptistina” which is out now via Beyond Beyond is Beyond. The band’s sound like The Byrds dragged though a gutter in Berlin — is a little more focused this time out as guitarist Nolan Krebs told us. “The music that has really kind of moved us lately is heavier, motorik-type shit – so this is a little bit of a step in that direction for us.” A stream of the whole record premiere in this post — check it out below.
Heaters are currently on tour and will be in the UK for the Dot To Dot Festival .

Heaters, a garage rock band out of Michigan who have a good handle on the whole garage-surf sound thing. You might know of their debut album, Holy Water Pool, from our coverage last year. Well, they’re back and releasing an album on August 5, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Today we bring you “Elephant Turner,” a new song off their upcoming album Baptistina. It’s a dirty, groovy, heavy track featuring the band’s unique vocal tics. Their songs are fairly classic garage rock, but when Andrew Tamlyn, Joshua Korf, and Nolan Krebs come together they create a sound that is equal parts spacey and psychedelic

When asked about the song, Tamlyn commented: “Parts of Baptistina were created very much in the moment, as we had a small window to finish recording before going overseas for the winter. “Elephant Turner” is a good example of that; a sort of off-the-cuff, late night jam in the studio that ended up being one of our favorite songs from the record to play live.” Listen to the song now, then check out the tour dates, then go swimming. Baptistina is out August 5 via Beyond Beyond is Beyond.

Read More: Heaters releasing new LP ‘Baptistina’ (listen), on tour now | http://www.brooklynvegan.com/heaters-releasing-new-lp-baptistina-listen-on-tour-now/?trackback=tsmclip


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