The DISTRICTS – ” Popular Manipulations “

Posted: April 25, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Philadelphia band The Districts have announced a new full-length album entitled, “Popular Manipulations”. The follow-up to their 2015 excellent breakthrough effort, “A Florish and A Spoil ” due out August 11th via Fat Possum Records. 

Four of the 11 tracks on the LP were recorded with producer John Congleton, who’d previously worked with the band on Flourish. The other songs were all self-recorded by The Districts themselves alongside Pine Barons member Keith Abrams. “Both sessions were great,” said frontman Robby Grote  “We just have fun working with John. There’s a dialogue between us when we are working with him where he has suggestions or we’ll just talk stuff out, but it was definitely refreshing recording just a neighborhood away from where we live and doing it all ourselves with Keith. We viewed it as more of a challenge.”


In addition to the album announcement, the band released the single and video for lead single “Ordinary Day”, On Record Store Day 2017  7-inch vinyl. Directed by Out of Town Films, the clip is a brooding visual that Grote said “deals with ideas of loneliness, alienation and going through the motions in life.” It tackles those concepts by having the black-garbed band deliver a lifeless performance for a bunch of people in creepy white masks drinking milk.


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