IGGY POP – ” Asshole Blues ” Available On Flexi Disc

Posted: April 16, 2017 in MUSIC
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Iggy Pop will put out a ragged new single later this month, titled “Asshole Blues,” as part of a new flexi disc series on indie rockers Jacuzzi Boys’ Mag Mag label. The track is a muffled recording featuring just Pop and an acoustic guitar, as he bemoans an asshole who’s glommed onto his trail like one of Robert Johnson’s hellhounds. “Asshole, when are you gonna die?” Iggy sings at one point of the song. It will come out officially on April 21st.

“I wrote a blues song about an asshole who’s out to get me,” Pop said of the song. “It’s full of negative energy. Listen at you own risk. It’s fun to play the blues”

Jacuzzi Boys issued a joint statement explaining why they launched the flexi-disc series. “Basically the flexis will serve as a place where artists can do as they please,” the said. “[It’s] a place to exercise your most experimental desires or keep it 101. No rules. We’re just trying to turn folks on to stuff we find interesting. We’re as curious as anyone else might be to see how it all unfolds.”


the original Stooge simply growls and acoustically strums through expressing his displeasure with someone in his life, something akin to being down at the crossroads in 1927, albeit with a Twitter account. In another sin done in the name of Record Store Day, this will be available on flexidisc

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