GIRLPOOL – ” It Gets More Blue “

Posted: April 16, 2017 in MUSIC
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“It Gets More Blue” is a song about how manic we can get when it comes to matters of the heart, and it demonstrates how Tucker and Tividad’s songwriting has matured since 2015’s “Before The World Was Big” Between albums, they’ve worked hard on filling out their sound—including adding drums to the mix, a giant departure for these two. It’s no longer just the naked sounds of Tividad and Tucker’s bass and guitar. There are little bursts of distortion, sweet guitar solos, chewy bass riffs, and quite a bit of echo. (If you were to just listen to the instrumental, you might think you were hearing a long-lost Pavement song.) The duo have also changed their delivery: Here, they’ve raised the volume of their voices to a bellow rather than a whisper, making the song all the more anthemic. Girlpool’s music has always seemed like an opportunity to peek into Tividad and Tucker’s private universe, and with “It Gets More Blue,” they open the door.


Last month, Philly two-piece Girlpool announced a new album “Powerplant” , a new LP the band describes as embracing a “devastating emotional pragmatism.” That emphasis is clear in their latest single, “It Gets More Blue”, which exudes a sepia-toned melancholy without sacrificing the urgent riffage of the band’s sound.

Directed by Amalia Irons from a concept by the band’s Harmony Tividad, the accompanying music video sets outsized emotional theatrics .

“It Gets More Blue” by Girlpool from the album ‘Powerplant,’ available May 12th

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