MERE WOMEN – ” Big Skies “

Posted: April 13, 2017 in MUSIC
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Mere Women

Sydney post-punk quartet Mere Women have released their new single ‘Big Skies‘, the first track taken from their third LP out this June via Poison City Records.

Released together with an accompanying video, ‘Big Skies‘ is their first piece of new music since the release of ‘Drive‘ last August, and will be launched with a string of shows around Australia.

‘Big Skies‘ is everything that encapsulates Mere Women: it’s hypnotic, unsettling, intense, angular and dark. Driving drums, shaking bass and a haunting guitar hook lay behind Amy Wilson’s vocals which have a range of their own. Wilson explains;

Big Skies is inspired by when I was living out in a small regional NSW town. I left my friends and family and was living all alone in a big house. It was fun having all of that space and freedom but sometimes extremely lonely. I was told when I first moved to town that I should get a dog for protection which made me feel unsafe – like there was something I needed protection from.“

The video for the single shows the band wandering amongst the scenery of the Capertee Valley, the widest natural canyon in the world nestled amongst the Blue Mountains 135km north-west of Sydney. The clip finds beauty in nature and the inanimate alike – industrial buildings, rusted pipes and abandoned furniture laying out on soggy grounds. Together they trek over roads and unstable hills, with moments of blue and red lights flooding the night.


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