The CITRADELS – ” Where’s One “

Posted: April 10, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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The birthplace of Where’s One was a dilapidated Californian bungalow in Melbourne’s Western suburbs. Recording began just hours before the tragic death of The Citradels‘ former drummer and friend Connor Tolson, which set the tone for what was to come. Drawn out over nine months, layers and fragments were meticulously arranged. Most songs were conceived individually, though their form significantly adapted over time with shared input. In spite of this, the album retains an introspective and highly personal quality.

The Citradels’ trademark early sound is referenced with opener ‘Barnyard’ yet descends into something much darker and more repetitious. Sweet relief comes with ‘Piscine’, which straddles the strung-out yet playful arrangements of an increasingly paranoid Brian Wilson. The earnest ‘Pets on Fire’ has the emotive subtleties of Galaxie 500 in mind. ‘Already Gone’ bubbles away with angst and indecision while the otherworldly and uncomfortably dark love song ‘Pelican’ closes side A.
‘Sugarplum’ conjures the playful 60s, mixing in slices of attention deficit musical changes. ‘Sunflower Man’ plays with time and repetition to coax the listener down the rabbit hole. ‘Goosestep’ begins life as a slow burning Lennon-esque piano ballad with acid folk and feedback gradually creeping in. ‘Riding with Him’ is an optimistic ode to a friend now gone which bleeds into ‘Dumb Angel’, closing side B with a reverb drenched farewell.



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