BEACH FOSSILS – ” Saint Ivy “

Posted: April 5, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Today Beach Fossils roll out their new single “Saint Ivy.” The video pays homage to New York City artists.The featured dancers have all grown up through the NYC school system. Merrie Cherry is a Brooklyn-based drag queen. The directors and the band themselves are all based in NYC as well.

Beach Fossils encourage fans and viewers to make donations (if they are able) to two incredible organizations: National Endowment for the Arts and Center for Arts Education NYC (both falling victim in recent times to our current administrations’ budget cuts).

Brooklyn’s Beach Fossils traded the breezy, minimalist indie rock of their debut for a more aggressive, punk-inspired sound. Now, it seems, they’re opting for something both poppier and more heartfelt. On June 2nd, the band will release their third LP, “Somersault”, an album with which the band has, according to a press release, “channeled years of experimentation into expansion and reinvention.”

Strings aren’t the only new instruments you’ll find Somersault. Beach Fossils has also heavily incorporated piano, harpsichord, flute, and saxaphone into their arsenal. The album will be released on Payseur’s own Bayonet Records.

Along with the announcement comes the band’s first single, “This Year”, which elevates the jangly dream-pop of yesteryear with stirring string arrangements that reflect the band’s “expanded sonic palette” while providing an added heft to frontman Dustin Payseur’s hushed vocals. Of the song, Payseur says it’s about facing mistakes you’ve made, aiming to work on it and better yourself, but ending up making the same mistakes again. It’s kind of an endless loop. People always aim to make New Year’s resolutions, get a fresh start, but ultimately fall back into these old bad habits.”

Beach Fossils “Saint Ivy” from their album “Somersault” out June 2, 2017.


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