BLAENAVON – ” Lonely Side “

Posted: April 5, 2017 in MUSIC
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Currently performing sold out shows on their huge headline tour and with their highly anticipated debut album “That’s Your Lot” released this Friday, Blaenavon have shared brand new single ‘Lonely Side’ .

The song marks a coming of age for the band, and may well be their most accomplished effort to date – fitting, as the whirlwind 18 months Blaenavon have had since passing up University places and focussing on the group full time has most certainly seen them bloom. ‘Lonely Side’ offers Blaenavon the chance to explore their own teenage years and applying that to afford the audience some insights in to the world we face.

Discussing the song, singer/guitarist Ben Gregory offered the following:

It’s probably about time that I admitted I am a young, ridiculous, romantic buffoon. I am in love with everyone at the same time: but in and out of love constantly – disillusioned like a juvenile James Dean. This is incredibly unhealthy, but also very fucking funny. I will continue to get absolutely everything wrong until I grow old, settle down and die. Until then, I walk the Lonely Side.’


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