The ORIELLES – ” Sugar Tastes Like Salt “

Posted: March 16, 2017 in MUSIC
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The Orielles

Halifax band The Orielles have been around the block for a little while now, they have done things the right way with countless live shows, circuiting etc. etc. But now they have finally released their debut single and we are glad they did.

‘Sugar Tastes Like Salt’ is glorious 8 minutes of sprawling, experimental, and most importantly enjoyable music. At 8 minutes you may wince, but the use of disco beat and proto punk posturing means this track keeps your feet shuffling throughout. ‘Sugar Tastes Like Salt’ feels like it belongs mid-way between an ESG demo and A Certain Ratio, with a dash of The Chameleons on the side.

Not only do they have a stellar debut track out but they also have a tour and have announced their signing to Heavenly Records – we couldn’t recommend a better label for them to belong too. Take a listen to the track below.


The Orielles debut on Heavenly Recordings single ‘Sugar Tastes Like Salt.’ Produced by Marta Salogni. The Orielles are Sidonie B Hand-Halford, Esmé Dee Hand-Halford and Henry Carlyle Wade.

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