VAGABON – ” Infinite Worlds “

Posted: March 11, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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If the New York underground scene was something of another home for Vagabon over the preceding couple of years, then “Fear & Force”, the lead track from Infinite Worlds, album unveiled in November, opened up many new doors for Lætitia, gaining plaudits from much further afield, including a number of UK publications. A totemic capturing of her craft, the track is a wonderful burst of impassioned guitar-pop, swelling from a tender, heavy-hearted opening – all memorable vocal refrains and playful production – to something far more robust; the sight and sound of an artist growing in stature right in front of your eyes. As is the case with many joyful musical moments, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes it such a compelling excursion; something to do with the affection with which it’s delivered, something to do with the sophistication of the voice that carries it.

“I definitely loved performing and singing at a young age,” Lætitia admits, “but that’s a memory I’ve been forced to kind of think of recently, and one that I’d somewhat forgot about. I don’t think I ever thought I could play or sing professionally.” While most artists present there work with this kind of modesty, in this case of Vagabon it’s much more meaningful to acknowledge the work she’s put in to honing her skills, rather than simply write off such endeavours as an excise in humility. “I spent the last few years really working on my voice,” she says, “I played around New York when I could and I’ve been on tour a lot; I’ve worked on it as much as possible and I think the results are finally becoming tangible.”

‘Tangible” is something of an understatement. While ‘Infinite Worlds’ comes beautifully alive in the small, exquisite gaps between her vocals, thanks to Lætitia’s schooled-skill as a music engineer, it’s her voice that really grips. When spoken it’s almost enchantingly delicate; add a the flame of a song to it though and it makes like touch-paper; sparking in to life, as fierce and powerful and vigorous as Lætitia wishes it to be



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