LUCY ROSE – ” Floral Dresses ” feat The Staves

Posted: March 2, 2017 in MUSIC
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When an artist has been away for a prolonged period of time, their return is often marked by a bounding jubilance; as if, by leaping back in to the frame limbs flailing, wild smile flailing, you won’t be able to avoid the re-arrival, even if you desire such a thing. Lucy Rose’s return is not that. Released today, “Floral Dresses” is a striking moment of clarity, but it achieves such a thing with a sense of fragility that feels all the more rewarding. Preceding a “new album project”, the track is her first for the Communion label, and also features delicate vocal adornments from The Staves.

Stripped-back and largely unadorned, the track is shaped by a sadness that can’t easily be placed, the intonations, and the spaces surrounding Rose’s words, as meaningful an pertinent than those spoken aloud. “When I wrote Floral Dresses it really reminded me about who I was, and I always think that some of the best songs are the ones which can stand on their own with just one instrument,” Rose says of the track, and such sentiments flourish under the stark spotlight of the track; a quiet, emotive strum with a poignancy that will sit for days.


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