CHARLY BLISS – ” Glitter “

Posted: February 15, 2017 in MUSIC
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“Glitter” is just like one those ’90s teen movies. But since we’re still awaiting this generation’s Can’t Hardly Wait, we’ll have to settle for endlessly spinning this candied power-pop pulverizer on the these pages instead.

Whether you were raised on Chumped or Veruca Salt, you’ll have a taste for guitar-pop this hard-charging yet sticky sweet. That craving is fully satisfied here: “Am I the best? Or just the first person to say yes?” is an unforgettable hook, one that suggests Eva Grace Hendricks knows exactly what she’s doing — in terms of crafting winsome melodies and clever lyrics, yes, but also in terms of dabbling in the kind of romance that would be better to avoid. The upside of such that this band have a whole album of songs that is fun,

“Glitter” by Charly Bliss, off their debut album Guppy.


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