DAWES – ” We’re All Gonna Live / Roll With The Punches “

Posted: February 15, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Dawes are pleased to announce that they have recorded and released a live album titled “We’re All Gonna Live”. The album includes selections recorded over the first four shows of the An Evening With Dawes tour, and was mixed, mastered and released within 15 days.

Dawes released a new surprise album, as the band has collected a mix of live tracks from their early 2017 shows and released them as We’re All Gonna Live. The new live album, which is available for streaming only at the moment , references Dawes’ latest studio effort, We’re All Gonna Die, and includes live versions of tracks from that album, along with its predecessor, All Your Favorite Bands, and more. Experience the live album in person, as An Evening With Dawes tour is still making its way through the United States and Canada.

“We’re All Gonna Live” is available through streaming services HERE. “With this tour we’ve felt like we’ve begun to turn a corner as a live band so we figured it was time to share some of it with everyone. It’s not the full length experience but we’re hoping that it’s enough of a taste for people to take a little bit of the show experience back into their homes with them and hopefully inspire them enough to come check out the show once we get into town.”
Taylor Goldsmith

Dawes have also released a new video for a track taken from “We’re All Gonna Die”  The Video features Mandy Moore who knows a thing or two about separation. The former pop star/This Is Us actress went through a pretty open drawn out divorce with another high-profile musician, but they both seem to be moving on nicely. He wrote what could be his best album in years after the split, and she shacked up with Dawes frontman Taylor Goldsmith. But in the video for Dawes’ “Roll with the Punches”, it looks like that relationship is crumbling too.

The clip for the track finds Goldsmith and Moore dividing their property after they break up. Only thing is, they take “dividing” extremely literally and hire a construction crew to cut all their stuff in half. The bed, the couch, the toaster, even the hair drier all get the saw as the two former lovers share forlorn looks.

Director Daniel Henry (Kurt Vile’s “Pretty Pimpin’”, Jack White’s “High Ball Stepper”) said the concept was inspired by a true story. “I got the idea for the video after I read a true story about a disgruntled German man whose 12-year marriage ended tragically, “He quite literally split all of their belongs in two, in a vindictive-yet-beautiful move that inspired the video. The whole idea made me laugh at its extreme pettiness, but ended up perfectly representing the process of moving on.”

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