YOU WON’T – ” The Revolutionaries “

Posted: January 12, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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I do enjoy this music very much, the voice, the rhythms and the lyrics. Balancing wide-eyed winsomeness with admirable adventurism, “You Won’t” gallops all over the musical map, crafting badlands death ballads, bagpipes-over-Baghdad folk jams, and road-trip sing-alongs. Josh Arnoudse (vocals and guitar) and Raky Sastri (singing saw, electric bagpipes, whirly tube, and kitchen sink) do indeed come on as revolutionaries, taking one of rock’s most limited formats—the two-piece—and dragging it places the Black Keys and White Stripes never dreamed of.

I love all of You Won’t’s music videos so much that I can’t look away from YouTube while I’m listening to the music so the only way to really listen to the music by itself was to buy the album. Totally worth it, little lighter on the nostalgia and anticapitalism than Skeptic Goodbye but a little catchier. “Ya Ya Ya” is the obvious single but not the only fun and great song on the disc!

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