MITSKI – ” Your Best American Girl ” The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Posted: January 12, 2017 in MUSIC
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The music journalism community is currently still in the midst of tallying all of the reviews, opinions and song counts that occupied 2016,  We would bet our vinyl crates that Mitski’s ornate eye-opener “Puberty 2” will take a huge amount of that pop culture real estate at the end of the year listings. The soulful singer/songwriter’s fourth LP swings between comical, sincere and devastating at a song’s notice (or sometimes within the same track, as in album opener “Happy”). Mitski has remained largely private throughout her ascent, so her live shows are a fleeting window into the singer’s world.

In this web exclusive, Mitski absolutely crushes “Your Best American Girl,” off her album “Puberty 2,” with help from Jon Batiste and Stay Human.  Mitski’s album came along the grippingly confessional Puberty 2, where Mitski Miyawaki’s distortion-glazed alt-pop songs kiss you softly on the forehead one minute and floor you the next.

Mitski, Your Best American Girl from the forthcoming record, ‘Puberty 2’ out June 17 on Dead Oceans Records.


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