PINKSHINYULTRABLAST – ” Live At The Shackwell Arms ” 1st May 2015

Posted: December 24, 2016 in MUSIC
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After releasing the exquisite Everything Else Matters last year, Russian group Pinkshinyultrablast return with Grandfeathered. A very prog rock return from the band with a mixture of twinkling guitar harmonies in a much heavier approach. They have named their style “thunder pop,” and on the basis of this 11 track album, you would have to agree.check out these live tracks.

Typically then, the Russian 5-piece hurtled through their first 3 songs uninterrupted before anyone could blink, retaining an unwavering energy throughout a blistering set. Equal parts shoegaze, post-rock and math-rock, the music had the crowd happily hypnotised from the beginning, with angelic lead vocals piercing through thick layers of guitar and synth, undercut by taut, expressive bass lines.

The band took the radiant sound of their studio work to a stadium-sized level, commanding an inventive live set-up that included more effects pedals than I could count. Their set went by as quickly as it arrived, leaving the crowd suitably spaced-out and desperate for more.

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