CLAIRE CRONIN – ” Came Down A Storm “

Posted: December 18, 2016 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Claire Cronin Athens, GA

Came Down a Storm is an album that creates a world. Through Claire Cronin’s deep, intimate voice come songs of wreckage and redemption. A published poet and English Ph.D. student as well as a musician, Cronin uses images and symbols to craft songs that reach beyond the personal.

Death comes in unexpected ways, and for some it does not come at all when it could. While very much an album about death, ‘Came Down A Storm’ is, thanks mainly to Cronin’s deeply affecting voice, a defiant celebration of life. A collaboration between Cronin and Deerhoof guitarist John Dieterich, it is a collection of dark folkish songs whose simplicity recalls a harsher, yet less complicated time. Dieterich’s atmospheric, turbulent guitar and sampled sounds is matched by Cronin’s poetic tales of ghostly misadventure and redemption, shared with us by crackling twilight campfire, with a voice that was intended for such a purpose. What is remarkable here is that Cronin somehow connects us to something beyond the music itself, to a rhythm that beats in the background our whole lives, but one which we only really hear in the stillness of our most authentic moments, in grief or humility. Like the handed down music of the first pioneers or settlers in a strange new land, the songs are implicitly traditional but describe an altogether different, alien world. Magical and terrifying listen.


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