TOLD SLANT – ” Low Hymnal “

Posted: December 8, 2016 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Felix Walworth, singer and drummer of Told Slant, is a three time veteran of the Tiny Desk after performing with the bands Bellows, Eskimeaux and Florist, Told Slant is part of The Epoch, a collective of unlike-minded best friends. Told Slant makes dark, delicate indie rock in the same vein. Felix wrote the music for “Low Hymnal” as just a tune that remained unfinished with for about a year before the lyrics arrived quickly following a series of personal crises. “Did I invite disillusionment and self-hatred into my life when I started writing about them?” Felix says. “Probably.” Told Slant is the project of drummer/singer Felix Walworth. What I love about his drumming is that it’s a thunderous propellant, an essential element to the song without being up front and in the way of the voice and guitars. Felix stands behind a very large bass drum on a makeshift stand and plays organic rhythms on mostly bottom heavy drums with arms flailing in ways I didn’t know was really possible. All the while his voice conjures up the hiccup of Sparks and deep power of Bryan Ferry or Lou Reed, but more fun.


Told Slant’s “Going By” was released June 17th on Double Double Whammy Records.

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