PITY SEX – ” White Hot Moon “

Posted: December 7, 2016 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Pity Sex’s co-leader, vocalist, and guitarist Britty Drake announced she would be leaving the Michigan alt-emo punk band in August, just a handful of months after the release of their ace sophomore album White Hot Moon. Incredible follow up to Feast of Love. Polishing their already awesome sound is one of the things Pity Sex does really well on this album is play between the differences of its male (Brennan Greaves) and female vocalists both in the sounds they produce and how they shape the story told in the song. On their excellent debut Feast of Love, Drake’s quiet vocals pushed through fuzzed out guitars and emo tropes of heartache and longing. She often felt central to the song’s story. The huge, thick guitar riffs fill your brain and seem like a wall; a wall the band tears down when they open up their sound and let you in closer. The highlight is “Plum” for me; the lyrics so sad but heartbreakingly beautiful when sung by Britty Drake.


On White Hot Moon, her vocals told a bit more of a defiant story, like on the track “Burden You.” The demureness of her voice with gritty riffs is more triumphant but slightly, and smugly, a little on the apathetic side. White Hot Moon still bears the imprints of Feasts of Love’s more feelings centric themes paired with sharp, sometimes booming riffs. What will be of the band after Drake’s departure is unknown. But before she left, Drake left a sweet and bold mark on Pity Sex.

Pity Sex – Feast Of Love
release April 20th
Ann Arbor’s Pity Sex formed in 2011 their debut album, ‘Feast Of Love’. On it, they marry the reverb-drenched tactics of My Bloody Valentine and the dynamic hooks of the Pixies.


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