The AQUADOLLS – ” We Are Free ” EP

Posted: October 7, 2016 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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The Aquadolls were founded in Janurary 2012 by Melissa Brooks, the lead singer and writer of the band. Melissa began recording bedroom demos of her songs with guitarist Ryan Frailich and eventually formed a relationship with Southern-California based indie label Burger Records who released The Aquadolls We Are Free EP in early 2013, and their debut album Stoked On You in December 2014.

The Aquadolls are among my favorite bands right now. Their We Are Free EP is excellent. The EP was released on Burger Records last January containing 8 tracks. My favorite song on the album is “We Are Free”. This song is really catchy and relaxing. Also, not a lot of other bands will put Napoleon Dynamite quotes in the middle of their songs, so look out for that.


I have a sexy Danelectro named Danny. She has amazing vintage tone. Both guitars are played out of vintage Fender Twin Reverbs from the 60s. We love to play loud live and blow out our amps. We know if our amps don’t blow out, it didn’t get crackin enough.


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