Posted: October 7, 2016 in MUSIC
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Greta Morgan knows about heartache. Having achieved some distance from the breakup that fueled her second album as Springtime Carnivore, the Los Angeles-based musician can smile at how far she’s come. Navigating the treacherous terrain of an unspooling relationship is no easy feat, but Morgan’s focus on music, poetry, and visual art helped keep her grounded during an emotionally turbulent time.

“It’s like being divorced,” she says, taking a sip of her almond milk latte. “We lived together for a long time. I find that a lot of emotions of the heart wind up coming out in music. This record is basically a 100% emotional reaction to that experience.”

Midnight Room is, indeed, a breakup album, albeit it one dusted with a bit of sugar. Across 10 tracks of spiky guitar pop, Morgan sings about the kind of topics Dusty Springfield built a career on—love, lost love, and how to achieve personal autonomy in the face of both. It’s a song cycle about a universal experience that’s littered with personal details, Morgan navigating sleepless nights, wistful recollections, and relishing the small moments of triumph that come with moving on. In the end, Midnight Room is a victory lap—even if that victory was hard won.


Midnight Room LP will ship to arrive on or before October 7th release date.

1. Midnight Room
2. Face in the Moon
3. Into the Avalanche
4. Double Infinity
5. Raised By Wolves
6. Nude Polaroids
7. Under the Spell
8. Wires Crossing
9. Bad Dream Baby
10. Rough Dream

250 PRE ORDERS Will come with a set of 4 MIDNIGHT ROOM postcards.

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