GANG OF FOUR – ” Entertainment ” Released 8th October 1979

Posted: October 8, 2016 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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On this day (October. 8th) in 1979: influential Leeds, UK post-punk band Gang Of Four (singer Jon King, guitarist Andy Gill, bassist Dave Allen & drummer Hugo Burnham) released their groundbreaking debut album, ‘Entertainment!’, on EMI Records (UK)/Warner Bros. (US); it featured the tight, sparse playing & driving rhythms that made such tracks as “Natural’s Not In It”, “I Found That Essence Rare”, “At Home He’s A Tourist” & previous single “Damaged Goods” live favorites; it reached UK #45 & Australia #39 on the album charts;’Entertainment!’ was an important release and voted the #8th best album of the 1970s; Rolling Stone ranked it #483 on their list of ‘The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time’…


01. Ether (00:00)
02. Natural’s Not In It (03:50)
03. Not Great Men (06:57)
04. Damaged Goods (10:03)
05. Return The Gift (13:30)
06. Guns Before Butter (16:36)
07. I Found That Essence Rare (20:22)
08. Glass (23:37)
09. Contract (26:06)
10. At Home He’s A Tourist (28:47)
11. 5.45 (32:17)
12. Anthrax (36:01)
13. Outside The Trains Don’t Run On Time (40:26)
14. He’d Send In The Army (43:42)
15. It’s Her Factory (47:24)
16. Armalite Rifle (50:34)

Here is a clip of the band performing the most well known track LIVE NYC 1980

  1. earthbalm says:

    Loved this album when I had it on vinyl.

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