ULRIKA SPACEK – ” Lady Godiva’s Operation “

Posted: September 23, 2016 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Ulrika Spacek take on The Velvet Underground’s ‘Lady Godiva’s Operation’

Not content with morphing their own sound into unimaginable shapes, Ulrika Spacek are now turning their attention to other people’s works. For the b-side to their new ‘Everything: All The Time’ single, it’s The Velvet Underground who’ve been subjected to their hypnotism.

Today Ulrika Spacek release the first new music since their debut record, The Album Paranoia, came out earlier this year. Issued as a limited edition 7”, the self-recorded and produced ‘Everything: All The Time’ takes the template forged on said debut album, but somehow adds more fuzz and chainsaw guitars. The 7” will also feature a cover of the Velvet Underground’s ‘Lady Godiva’s Operation’ on the B-side.

Taking on ‘Lady Godiva’s Operation’ from Lou Reed’s band’s ‘White Light/White Heat’ LP, they add swathes of sludgy atmospherics to the track, pulling it into Ulrika Spacek’s mind-bending alternate world – one that was perfectly exhibited on the recent debut release  ‘The Album Paranoia’.


“We have always loved ‘White Light/White Heat’ and would certainly say it’s a big influence on us,” explain the band. ”The bassline has always wrapped around our heads and it has been something we have jammed with from time to time. Lyrically the song is so playful, depicting a botched sex change of mythical Godiva. It has a lot of black humour in the song which we liked. When we decided to do a 7” we were really into the idea of doing a cover for the b-side. Covering other people’s work really drags you in directions you may not usually experiment with. It provides a really cool cross reference between the music you make and other music you love.”

Get stuck into Ulrika Spacek’s alternate take on ‘Lady Godiva’s Operation’ below – they embark on a massive tour tomorrow, dates for which are below the player. The ‘Everything: All The Time’ 7” is out today on Tough Love Records.


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