Posted: July 22, 2016 in MUSIC
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Thematically, Pain Is Beauty is said to be largely about idealistic love though Wolfe has also stated “It’s not a conceptual album. There’s a lot of different things it’s about: it’s about ancestry, it’s about nature, it’s about tormented love and sort of overcoming the odds. There’s a lot of different themes on this album.” According to Wolfe, the red dress she is wearing on the album cover represents the lava flowing from a volcano. Regarding the album title, Wolfe admitted, “…there’s always gonna be situations that we go through that are really hard and we just have to kind of be strong, and if we get through to the other side, then we become wiser people and our lives become more beautiful.  “Pain Is Beauty, her fourth album in three years, confirms her steadiness as a singer-songwriter of gothic intention, drawn to romantic fatalism and beautiful ruin.

Taken from the album “Pain Is Beauty” released September 3rd, Macabre Haunting and Beautiful, “Pain Is Beauty” is the fourth studio album from American singer-songwriter and eponymous band, Chelsea Wolfe released on September 3rd, 2013 through Sargent House Records

Pain is beauty cover.jpg

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