SHEER MAG – ” Fan The Flames “

Posted: July 22, 2016 in MUSIC
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Extreme planning during Austin’s SXSW can be a wonderful and terrible thing. Yes, you may get to catch all the bands on your “must watch” lists, but you might also end up losing out on everything else in between. During a year of careful planning, then stumbling into the Sheer Mag set was one of my best one-off moments. I had heard the band’s endlessly catchy track “Fan the Flames” before, but nothing could have prepared me for the live version. Christina Halladay’s epic, explosive stage presence and soulful vocals are something to behold, and she’s backed up brilliantly by catchy guitar riffs and an incredibly fun band. Definitely one to see as soon as you can!

Sheer Mag, “Fan the Flames”
Much like the band Beach Slang, Sheer Mag has built its power-pop revivalist rep on two incredible EPs. The second one, the pragmatically titled II, came out this year and sports the track “Fan the Flames,” a straight groove that recalls Alex Chilton if he were on Goner Records. And like all solid power-pop, it’s as unassuming as it is addictive. the band Sheer Mag blew everybody away at SXSW and haven’t stopped touring since. Unfortunately they haven’t signed a record deal either, meaning it’s unlikely they’ll be going overground any time soon. But the facts is this: Sheer Mag play punk rock the way it should be played, and they haven’t released a duff song yet. 2016 could be theirs… if they want it. Grab the EP’s they are becoming very collectable from a band to watch this year.

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