LOU REED – ” Demos ” from 1970

Posted: January 1, 2016 in MUSIC
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There are Lou Reed acoustic demos, recorded in 1970 shortly after he left the Velvet Underground and moved back to Coney Island to live with his parents. There’s a lot of analysis and information on these demos; search and you shall discover.

Fall 1970:
1. I’m So Free 0:00
2. I Can’t Stand It 2:05
3. Walk and Talk It 4:44

Winter 1970:
4. Going Down 7:38
5. Ride Into the Sun 10:24
6. I’m Sticking With You 12:49
7. Lisa Says 15:05
8. Kill Our Sons (aka Kill Your Sons) 19:31
9. Lonely Saturday Night (aka Goodnight Ladies) 22:44
10. So in Love 24:08
11. She’s My Best Friend 26:15
12. Looking Through the Eyes of Love (aka Oh Jim) 29:05

“So in Love” is exclusive, here. A song never revisited.

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