The CHILLS – ” Silver Bullets “

Posted: December 31, 2015 in MUSIC
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A wonder that it exists at all, Martin Phillips and co have produced a stunning record of infectious pop tunes which manages both to capture the essence of the Chills as well as updating their sound for the 21st century. Miraculous just about covers ‘Silver Bullets’ and it’s a worthy record to add to your collection.

Taken from the Chills album Silver Bullets  Last night at Albany Street Studios, Dunedin, we Chills celebrated the completion of the recording of our new album ‘Silver Bullets’ with a fish and chip meal shared with long suffering family members and then the playback of one hurriedly mixed track.

The album will be mixed in London in August/September and we are now discussing release dates.

I am thrilled to report that, after fifteen days of twelve hours plus work (with brilliant sound engineer/co-producer Brendan Davies doing considerably more than that) we have completed this challenging adventure with everyone not only still talking to each other but, in fact, closer, friendlier and all excited at having produced something special which we know will stand proudly alongside anything The Chills have released to date.
I can’t wait until you all get to hear it and decide for yourselves.



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