NATALIE PRASS – ” Why Don’t You Believe In Me & Never Over You ” La Blogotheque

Posted: October 22, 2015 in MUSIC
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The beautiful Natalie Prass has made her name in the most beautiful city in the world when she took on the La Blogotheque team to sing hits ‘Why Don”t You Believe In Me’ and ‘Never Over You’ on a busy Parisian street. Prass, from Nashville, recorded her sparkling self-titled debut at Matthew E. White’s Spacebomb studio in Richmond, taking full advantage of the lush arrangements that thrive in that space. Her music has touches of the expansive, orchestral soul and country music of the ’70s, as well as things like Broadway songs and even showstopping Disney-movie ballads. But while many voices might be overwhelmed with all that finery around them, Prass has a disarming, lively chirp that shines straight through all of it.

In the deep hum of one of the cultural capitals of the world Natalie Prass exhibits what has endeared her so fondly to so many hearts. The warmth of her voice outshines the heat of the city with a gentile performance among the hubbub of the night. Equipped with only an electric guitar, a band member and her soulful lungs she stopped the French capital in its tracks and made us all feel a little warmer.

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