COMMUNIONS – ” Forget it’s a Dream “

Posted: October 22, 2015 in MUSIC
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Copenhagen’s Communions are inextricably tangled up with the Danish scene that spawned bands like Iceage, Lower, Vår, and Lust For Youth: Communions share a rehearsal space with the former two bands (among others), and they have released music on Posh Isolation, the label owned by Loke Rahbek, who is a member of the latter two bands. But Communions do not sound anything like any of those bands. For my money, they are so much better! When I listen to Communions, I can hear some early Real Estate, some La’s, some Go-Betweens, but it reminds me of nothing so much as the Stone Roses’ 1989 debut — which is about the highest praise I can think of. The band’s self-titled debut EP (following a pair of 7″ singles) is full of warm gusts of spindly, spider-y guitars and heavy-lidded, heavenly vocals, all soaked in good LSD and set to bubbling, effortless, joyous rhythms. Very Manc for a band from Copenhagen.Watch the music video from Communions for ‘Forget It’s a Dream’ of their latest record ‘Communions EP‘ out worldwide on Tough Love Records and in Japan on Big Love Records.

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