GOLDEN AGE OF BALOONING – ” We Will Never Let You Go “

Posted: August 2, 2015 in MUSIC
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Golden Age Of Ballooning is a Brisbane based collective dedicated to creating a unique yet classic blend of Folk & Rock.  This Brisbane collective Golden Age of Ballooning have announced the release of their sophomore EP “We Will Never Let You Go”, and the follow up to debut release Don The Winter Coats”.

With narrative vocals, lush harmonies and evocative arrangements drive  through bursts of tempo and psychedelia. Duelling ebow solos, sea-sick guitars, pitch shifted drums and swirling organs recall influences such as My Bloody Valentine and Broken Social Scene whilst adding the Neil Young-ish folk charm that made their debut so endearing. 
Recorded live in the winter of 2012 shortly after the band formed, Don The Winter Coats is a captivating mix of modern folk, seventies rock and intimate themes; punctuated with blistering guitar solos and visions of snow covered landscapes.

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