JULIA HOLTER – ” Feel You “

Posted: July 11, 2015 in MUSIC
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In September of this year singer songwriter, Julia Holter follows up her wonderful 2013 album “Loud City Songs” with a new record titled “Have You in My Wilderness”. Julia Holter’s songs are like chamber-pop collages; baroque melodies re-imagined as ethereal, fractured narratives.She also shared the first song to be released “Feel You” from the album. Holter writes one vast, sweeping arrangement of strings for the new track, and she sings more at ease here than in the slightly claustrophobic music of her previous record. That said, she seems to be at a loss, searching for some steady footing. Chances are, this single is only a part of the great whole like the songs that comprised her past two albums. But it’s still an impressive glimpse to what she might have in store.The sweeping majesty is all still here, her voice still has all the same magma-smooth majesty

Have You in My Wilderness is out September 25th via Domino Recordings. Watch Holter hang out with her dog in the “Feel You” video below.

The mesmerizing Julia Holter returns this September with her fourth and most intimate album yet. Featuring some of the most sublime and transcendent music she has made thus far, Holter shows major growth and sonic leaps on ‘Have You In My Wilderness’. We are beyond psyched for this record and cannot wait for the live shows to start later this year! Available on CD & Limited deluxe 180gram LP housed in gloss jacket with printed inner sleeve – comes with limited edition, signed and numbered large photo-print.



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