SUNFLOWER BEAN – ” Tarot Card ” Live at baby’s All Right

Posted: May 16, 2015 in MUSIC
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Sunflower Bean is a band consisting of three people barely scratching the age of 20, but their grasp of neo-psych rock influences and their tightness as a unit belies their age. This is a band that looks, acts, and performs as if they were a veteran unit in their thirties. Perhaps this is because Sunflower Bean is also relentless in playing live — , they are statistically the hardest working band in NYC in 2014 having played the highest number of live gigs. We caught one of those gigs back in November when they opened for Dream Syndicate and really knocked it out of the park in a pretty sizeable venue and a notable gig. Fortunately, it wasn’t too long before they showed up on this excellent bill at Baby’s All Right, opening for Fat White Family and PC Worship . I decided it was a good idea to check them out from up close at the stage lip and see if my first instincts were correct — and yes, they were. Julia Cumming and Nick Kliven share the vocals and each delivers a different but effective edge to the material. Kliven’s tasty multi-pedaled guitar work is supplemented with Cumming’s powerful bass and anchored by Jacob Farber’s meticulous percussion. Sunflower Bean is just a damned good band and there’s really no telling how far they can go. They will release their debut EP “Show Me Your Seven Secrets” in January and the EP release show will be at Baby’s All Right 

Sunflower Bean
20/12/2014 at the venue Babys All Right Brooklyn, NY USA

Produced by nyctaper

[Total Time 31:20]
01 [new song]
02 Tame Impala
03 I’m A Ghost
04 Call The Doctor
05 Wall Watcher
06 Rock and Roll Heathen
07 Tarot Card

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