WAXAHATCHEE – ” Under A Rock ” and ” Air “

Posted: April 2, 2015 in MUSIC
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If you’ve been eagerly awaiting Waxahatchee’s new album Ivy Tripp, you don’t have to wait until its release next week to get a peak at Katie Crutchfield’s latest hazy, sometimes melancholy tunes. You can stream the entire album here. And, for those of you who weren’t lucky enough to catch Waxhatchee’s shows at SXSW two weeks ago, you’ll still be able to catch them during festival season this summer at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago.


Katie Crutchfield (aka Waxahatchee) describes her new album, “Ivy Tripp”. And of course, she’s right, it certainly is a Waxahatchee record. The songs are a little rough around the edges (some critics call it “DIY”) with lyrics that are at times intimate, at times stubborn and private. There’s the distant and hazy memory of ’90s singer-songwriters. But this time things are slightly different – there’s a little more steel to the sound.

The single “Under a Rock” is described by Crutchfield as “angrier” than previous work and it shows – there’s the painful sense that someone’s leaving you knowing full well they’ll be better off for it by the time they get to the horizon – “it’s that kind of anger that leads to something productive. In that sense its a positive emotion and it’s a hopeful song.”

The song is accompanied by a video, premiered here, that was shot at Philadelphia’s Golden Tea House (sadly, it was the final piece of music recorded at the venue as it closed down shortly afterwards) and continues that acclaimed DIY aesthetic. Much like Katie Crutchfield’s recording process –


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