The BUZZCOCKS – ” Another Music In A Different Kitchen ” Released 10th March 1978

Posted: March 12, 2015 in MUSIC
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On this day March  10th in 1978 Manchester and UK punk band The Buzzcocks released their debut album, Recorded & mixed at Olympic Studios in London December 1977/January 1978 ‘ Another Music in a Different Kitchen‘, on United Artists Records.

The original UK vinyl is issued with a black cardboard inner sleeve, with color photo on front cover. Subsequent pressings substituted a black and white photo. The initial few thousand copies shipped in a matching silver-grey outer ‘PRODUCT‘ shopping bag. The album was originally conceived with the track “I Need” on side one; but after a test pressing was made, the group felt the song should appear on the second side. A mix-up occurred at the pressing plant, and, as a consequence, some early copies of the album contained no “I Need” at all.

A blue vinyl version was re-released around 1986. The corresponding CD was released in March 1994 on the same record label. An undated songbook was published (VR 8003 2) with sheet music from the album, band photos, brief biographical material, and discography which includes the band’s second release, UAG 30197 “Love Bites”. As such, it would have been released after 22nd September 1978 the release date of “Love Bites”. In keeping with other releases, the line “Agreed Images” appears on the back cover below the stocking number.

It featured the band’s second line-up, with Pete Shelley handling lead vocals following the departure of their original frontman, Howard Devoto; the album included the single “I Don’t Mind”, which would reach UK #55; to promo the LP, Virgin Record Stores in London, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester & Newcastle each released 500 helium-filled balloons containing coupons for a free copy . The term “perfect pop” is misused to hell, because it’s mostly applied to bands that never went near the charts; but Buzzcocks were pop, in that they consistently had top 20 singles. In Pete Shelley – angelic, sexually ambiguous, eyebrow-raised – they had one of the best songwriters of the time, and in Steve Diggle – loud, mod, a bit barky – they had his perfect foil, and a man also capable of great songwriting. The songs are all brilliant pop tunes in the classic style, but with lyrics whose doomed romanticism would put John Lennon to shame, and the kind of riffs that only a Stooges and T.Rex fan could write. From I Don’t Mind’s woozy declaration that “reality’s a dream” to Sixteen’s stentorian “And I hate modern music! Disco! Boogie! Pop!”, Another Music… was as melodic as pop has ever been and as honest and real as any plaid-faced grunge act.

  • Arranged By – Buzzcocks
  • Bass Guitar – Steve Garvey
  • Drums, Vocals – John Maher
  • Guitar, Vocals – Pete Shelley, Steve Diggle
  • Producer – Martin Rushent

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