MICHEAL RAULT – ” I Want To Love You ” and ” Still Not Sad “

Posted: March 12, 2015 in MUSIC

Blending the past with the present, as well as the future, Michael Rault perfectly crafted his vintage sound that listeners swooned over and fell in love with while listening to his sensational 2010 record MA-ME-O. His sound pays homage to the past while remaining a driving force in the current music scene. The classic sound that Rault has developed is perhaps a testament to some of the unique experiences he has had that tie him to an era before his time. Like a kiss on the cheek from Wanda Jackson while she showed him the engagement ring that Elvis bought her. Or a piece of advice given from Solomon Burke, telling Michael Rault to stay out of gangs, stay in school and stay away from drugs.

Moving forward in time, Rault continues to draw inspiration from the retro, and returns with the Whirlpool EP (Pirates Blend). Picking up where MA-ME-O left off, the seven songs on Whirlpool span generations. Playing nearly every instrument on the record himself, it is clear that Rault was completely invested into the production of the new album, creating something unique, captivating, and timeless. From the bouncing, poppy I Want To Love You – full of hand-claps, twangy guitar, and toe-tapping rhythm – to the bluesy reworking of The Staple Singers’ gospel and soul-fused song Two Wings, and the love-sick track Fall In Love With Every Girl I See, Whirlpool pulls from the best of each musical style while remaining true to its pure rock roots.

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