WAXAHATCHEE – ” Misery Over Dispute “

Posted: February 18, 2015 in MUSIC
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Waxahatchee’s Katie Crutchfield . The Birmingham, Alabama native transitions from her lo-fi acoustic sound to a full band and electric guitar.  for her new album, Ivy Tripp”, which will be released April 7th. Even a somewhat inessential Waxahatchee video lets us remind you to check out Essential 2013 album “Cerulean Salt“. The Katie Crutchield-led project’s had a simple charm, which Joshua Mikel, who edited that clip, somewhat captures in the new one for “Misery Over Dispute.” Really, though, as elegant as the black-and-white cinematography and Katie Crutchfield’s tap-dancing can be, this time the video works best as a vehicle for another smoldering Waxahatche fuzz-rock anthem. That said: Crutchfield looks to be a skilled tap dancer, with chops honed in 14 childhood years of dancing. The clip, shot in a Birmingham, Alabama, firehouse converted into a performance space, also serves as a preview for Crutchfield and co.’s upcoming tour with her sister Allison’s band Swearin’.

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