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On a silvery stage, DeeDee Penny and her husband Brandon Welchez, of Dum Dum Girls and Crocodiles and now Haunted Hearts, share a glam yoga/dance party with Alexis Blair PenneyColin Self and Bailey Stiles – members of NYC-based drag collective Chez Deep. The trio shantay to the swirling psych-out of “Up Is Up (But So Is Down)”, as a reliably-kohled Penny pouts and Welchez preens in a fur coat straight out of Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ Velvet Goldmine wardrobe. Their debut album, “Initiation”, came out May on their own label Zoo Music.

Haunted Hearts — Initiation
This is a fantastic collaboration between Brandon Welchez from Crocodiles and his wife Kristin Gundred, who is better known as “Dee Dee” from Dum Dum Girls. It sound like what you would expect it to sound like. While both of their bands have been doing really well, they’ve lamented the fact that they never see each other. So they finally made a record together. This project has actually been brewing for a really long time, but the album finally came out in March via Zoo Records.
This was a very late addition to my pile of 2014 albums. What do you get when you cross Dum Dum Girls with Crocodiles? It might sound like the start of some dodgy joke from a Christmas cracker but you actually get a bloody awesome band called Haunted Hearts.

If you asked us what our favourite combos were, we would have said pizza and beer or cocktails and more cocktails but we’ll have to add Haunted Hearts to that list You’d expect as much considering they’re husband and wife… so let’s all just take a minute to imagine how cool the music at their wedding would have been.