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After signing to Elektra Records and sharing a pair of new singles over the summer, Louisville, Ky., rockers White Reaper released their new album, “You Deserve Love”, the follow-up to the band’s 2017 breakthrough The World’s Best American Band (one of our top albums of that year). The single “1F” finds the band preserving their garage-rock edge while introducing more pop-oriented elements: Tony Esposito’s vocals still spike and crackle like a live wire over big, brash guitars, but it’s the insistent, simplistic organ lick, old-school backing harmonies and tidy production that sound like something new.

White Reaper’s official video for their new track ‘1F’ – from the album, You Deserve Love, available now.

White Reaper’s official video for their new track ‘Might Be Right’ – from the album, You Deserve Love, available now.

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With whammied electric guitars, arena-ready vocals and an organ-led bridge, “Real Long Time” sounds so familiar, you’ll be singing along by the end of your first listen. That’s not a knock—the track is immediately catchy, with every member of the five-piece given a chance to soar above the rest in the groove-locked cut.

As White Reaper roll forward, they’re slowly abandoning their garage roots as they become preoccupied with the idea of playing arena rock. The group’s Saturday night SXSW set at the Clive Bar was pitched between these two extremes, with the group playing AOR with the coiled energy of punk. Occasionally, this combo is absurd, and it’s not always clear if it’s intentionally so: The blend of gilded synths and anonymous chugging riffs exists on the precipice of parody, but White Reaper plays with sincerity. Even if there’s an element of archness to the band – it’s hard not to feel that way when the guitars riff with bawdiness of Joe Walsh yet sound as sleek as Loverboy – it’s also difficult to deny that they generate the kind of kinetic good times ideal for the waning hours of SXSW. 

Band Members:

Tony – Guitar / Voice. Nick – Drums. Sam – Bass. Ryan – Keys. Hunter – Guitar.

White Reaper’s official video for their new track ‘Real Long Time’ – available now on Elektra Records.