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‘Winter’ is the first chapter of 4 EP’s that are coming this year, altogether making an album that takes you on a journey through the seasons.. It’s the culmination of many hours of work and thought, and I believe this body of music is the best I’ve ever made. I’m very excited to share it with you all! As a taste of what’s to come, go check out the video to ‘Winter’

Willow Robinson is one of those rare things -a singer/songwriter that makes you sit up and listen. With a raw edge and a blues stained voice his heartfelt songs and powerful performance makes him stand out in an over crowded genre. He’s been working underground honing down his art and is now ready to be listened to – enter Alan McGee who has signed him to his management company. Alan owns a club that I was invited to play in Wales called the Tabernacle, purely because I was the son of his wife’s friend. It’s an amazing old chapel that they have transformed into a venue, it even has some of the old pews in it!

He told me that he put me on the bill out of courtesy, not really expecting much. So I played, and after the show he came up and said he was blown away! I was shocked, always having little confidence in my performances. I then went away touring and as soon as I had finished he called me up and said he wanted to take me on! It was a dream come true, a blessing and what an amazing opportunity.


This is a music that drips classic but somehow carves out its own niche with a strong identity and strong voice. The full, 3 song EP drops this Friday 27th March 2020