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Over the course of his quarter-century-plus career, Will Johnson has dealt with every challenge a musician can face. The silver lining, however, is that the Austin-based songwriter excels at taking bumps in the road and turning them into gold. As a solo artist, Johnson also knows all too well the balance required to navigate solitude and collaboration.

“Cornelius” is the first single from Will Johnson’s new album “Wire Mountain” coming September. 27th, 2019 via Keeled Scales. This album was recorded at Ramble Creek Recording in Austin, Texas


Will Johnson’s got no problem shelving a great song. To him, “the ride” of a record is so paramount that outliers – even if they’re superb – are sent to purgatory. Such had been the case with “Cornelius.”

“That damn song,” he says. “I thought it was gonna go by the wayside. It’d been hanging around for about 10 years and I could never find the right collection of songs to tuck it into. It finally found a home.” At last, the pounding and melodic four-and-a-half minute track slots into Wire Mountain, his newly announced seventh solo LP

Will Johnson’s solo album Wire Mountain will be released via Keeled Scales on September 27, 2019.


OK, so there’s this one other longstanding Texas band that gave us a great album in 2014. Before Centro-matic released “Take Pride in Your Long Odds,” they announced that the album would be their last, and next week, they will play their final shows at Dan’s Silverleaf in their hometown of Denton. All three are sold out — a fitting farewell to a band that’s made some of the weirdest, most distinctive rock music we’ve heard over the last 20 years. “Take Pride” doesn’t break their strange mold. It starts with a slow, wordless title song that sounds like exactly what it should: a stately march into new beginnings. Not everyone falls under the Centro-matic spell, but those who do are generally hooked for life. Our friend Jay even sports a T-shirt that says, “Centro-matic is better than your favorite band.” If “Long Odds” is your introduction to Centro-matic, you may never again have the chance to see them live, but you’ll have a wonderful catalog of great music — all of it anchored by the ragged beauty of Will Johnson’s voice