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“Pills” appears on White Reaper’s debut full-length album, White Reaper Does It Again. The garage rock outfit White Reaper has built a reputation this year with their unhinged sound. Their recently released album, White Reaper Does It Again, solidified the punks as a turbulent force of guitars and otherworldly keyboards. Now they’re giving a visual accompaniment to their brilliant madness with the music video for “Pills”.

“So basically Tony [Esposito] is an escapee of a mental institution and he’s gone too long without his pills,” the band explains of the video . “He sustained head injuries, crashed a pool party, and dug a huge hole — all in a day’s work. The video was at first inspired by a few different horror movies but it turned out to be more like a mix of Encino Man / CKY2K than anything else.”

According to directors Cooper Burton and Eli Kleinsmith, the shooting was just as turbulent as the finished product, adding, “We all got a little sick making the video you’re about to see. Shooting provided an outlet for sadism; luckily, Tony, the lead singer, was a total masochist. We made him spit up bile, faceplant a plate of scrambled eggs (multiple times) — he even dug his own grave.”

While full of gruesome antics, the video balances it all out with campy fun. The band traverses with Esposito as he moves aimlessly through diners and fields of flowers, wearing bloody bandages the entire time. Throughout, the video also cuts to scenes of the band playing with pills coming out of their mouths and covering their instruments. It’s enough to make the likes of Sam Raimi and Wes Craven proud.

White Reaper Does It Again cover art


White Reaper from Louisville, Kentucky announced the release of their debut full-length album, which is titled White Reaper Does It Again. Along with that announcement comes the release of a new track from the new album. Their latest single, “Make Me Wanna Die,” is currently streaming on the band’s SoundCloud as well as on NPR.

Delightfully fuzzy, there’s an oddly authentic feeling to the tune. With hypnotizing keyboards, fast drums and aggressive guitars, along with some deceptively catchy lyrics, “Make Me Wanna Die” is a song that’ll likely get stuck in your head before you even know it.

Comprised of guitarist/singer Tony Esposito, keyboardist Ryan Hater, bassist Sam Wilkerson, and drummer Nick Wilkerson, White Reaper is post-punk band with no frills of any sort. Their sound is bizarre, but enjoyable, and if “Make Me Wanna Die” is any indication of what is to come from this quartet, White Reaper will be making a name for themselves in 2015.

White Reaper Does It Again arrives digitally, as well as on vinyl, CD, cassette tape on July 17 through Polyvinyl Records. You can pre-order it here. To stay up to date with White Reaper, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

White Reaper Does It Again Tracklisting:

1. Make Me Wanna Die
2. I Don’t Think She Cares
3. Pills
4. On Your Mind
5. Last 4th of July
6. Alone Tonight
7. Candy
8. Sheila
9. Friday the 13th
10. Wolf Trap Hotel
11. Don’t You Think I Know
12. B.T.K.


From White Reaper’s debut full-length album, “White Reaper Does It Again”, out 7/17/15.

There’s no mistaking Louisville, Kentucky for any sort of new music mecca. The South is decidedly less concerned with keeping up with fleeting cultural trends, and Louisville lacks the kind of tastemaker cache that’s made places like Brooklyn and Austin perfect nesting spots for legions of up-and-coming rock bands. But what it might lack in hipster cred it makes up for in easy living, a quality that has made all the difference for the guys in White Reaper.

“That might as well be its slogan: It’s easy in Louisville,” said keyboardist Ryan Hater, calling in from the road en route to a show in Washington, D.C. “It’s a very comfortable place to live. There’s not a whole lot of traffic or anything like that.”

Simplicity suits the four-piece, which, along with Hater, is rounded out by guitarist/vocalist Tony Esposito and brothers Sam (bass) and Nick Wilkerson (drums).  White Reaper, whose members have barely entered their 20s, is charmingly disaffected when it comes to where or how they fit in with today’s fragmented musical culture. Many have been quick to lump them into the ever-so-easy “garage” category, but even that rather broad stroke is too narrow for the band. “I don’t even know why that is,” Sam wrote by email prior to our discussion with Hater. “We’ve never even played in a garage before.”

White Reaper might operate from a pretty grounded sense of self, but the rest of the musical world is trying its damnedest to pull them out of their humble cocoon. In the last 18 months, they’ve gone from penning a modest six-song EP to awaiting the release of new album “White Reaper Does It Again”, which is already gathering buzz despite not coming out officially until July 17th.

From White Reaper’s debut full-length album, “White Reaper Does It Again”, out 7/17/15. For some people, what makes a song really great is how good it sounds when you’re driving a car. Meaning, is this something you’re gonna play when you’re driving around and you need to show your pals something really sick and everyone will dig? Or if you manage to steal the aux cord from whoever’s driving there better be a reason why they shouldn’t throw you out of the car. A good reason would definitely be White Reaper. White Reaper is a band from Louisville, KY that play thrashy but shamelessly fun rock for you and your friends. Their new record, “White Reaper Does It Again” features the band playing 12 tracks of distorted rock to drive for miles to. On “Sheila,” their singer Tony Esposito jams and chugs through the song’s verse, before a synth line surfs in for the chorus, something you really want to cruise with. It’s a track that’s well-written and perfect for driving your car to the beach, the moon, or wherever possible.



Taken from White Reaper’s debut full-length album, “White Reaper Does It Again”, out 17th July15.  The Louisville’s White Reaper in June last year and now they’re readying debut full-length White Reaper Does It Again with new track “Make Me Wanna Die“.
White Reaper‘s music does exactly what it says on the tin, there’s no over-complication with it and in a way, reminds me of an Americanised version of our very own Nai Harvest. It won’t win any awards for originality but who gives a shit when it’s as catchy as “Make Me Wanna Die“. That raucous garage-rock sound of yesteryear is timeless and paired with those -as-hell keys – the track is an absolute wonder.

You can grab a pre order of “White Reaper Does It Again” through the polyvinyl web-store. As always our links are primarily for Vinyl, but you have a variety of options on this one.