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A few months prior to the release of 1969’s brilliant The Soft Parade, Jim Morrison and gang performed a now legendary set in the New York City studios of PBS. Playing live 3 tracks from that album, this was the majority of the American public’s introduction to what would be the band’s most pop oriented band to date. However, in these live band versions, The Doors are as stripped down and raw as ever. Essential listening for any Jim Morrison fan out there, this great radio broadcast is back in print thanks to Wax Love Radio.

This 1969 live radio broadcast feat tracks from their debut & forthcoming Soft Parade, plus a rare track Build Me A Woman

1. “Tell All The People” (3:36) 00:00 2. “Alabama Song/Back Door Man” (6:06) 03:37 3. “Wishful Sinful” (3:13) 09:46 4. “Build Me A Woman” (4:27) 12:54 5. “In Conversation With Richard Goldstein” (11:49) 17:34 6. “The Soft Parade” (10:08) 29:25

I found this record at a record store. I listened to it from start to finish. If you love the Doors, and you want a great vinyl record to add to your collection, buy this now before it’s never seen again,

Live In Pittsburgh 1970 is a live recording by The Doors originally released in 2008. The concert was recorded in Pittsburgh at the Civic Arena on May 2nd, 1970. This is the sixth full-length live set of previously unreleased material from The Doors‘ own Bright Midnight Archives.

The album includes more than an hour of fire and energy from singer Jim Morrison, keyboardist Ray Manzarek, drummer John Densmore and guitarist Robby Krieger. Always eager to take a chance onstage or otherwise, Morrison experiments with the musical dialogue during a 22-plus-minute version of “When The Music’s Over”  leading the band into bits of songs that they’d never played live. Along with gems like “Five To One” and “Break On Through” the group also performed covers of Bluesman Robert Johnson’s “Crossroad Blues” and the band’s signature cover of  Howlin Wolf’s “Backdoor Man” . Before closing with an extended version of “Light My Fire” , Manzarek took the microphone with backup by Morrison for “Close To You” .

According to soundman Bruce Botnick  “Jim was as clear as he could be onstage, and the guys moved to and fro with him, trusting the journey. Sometimes The Doors were raging with fire and energy; at other times, when Jim jumped into the lyric of a different song, in the middle of something else, they were right there with him.

Back Door Man 0:21
Love Hides 2:50
Five to One 5:14
Roadhouse Blues 10:30
Mystery Train 17:30
Away in India 25:20
Crossroads Blues 28:30
Universal Mind 31:55
Someday Soon 36:25
When the Music is Over 40:15
Break on Through 57:10
Push Push 58:40
The Soft Parade Vamp 59:10
Tonight You’re in for a Special Treat 1:03:35
Close to You 1:05:05
Light My Fire 1:08:55