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The unusual and subdued musical arrangement suits the hypnotic (almost lethargic) vocals, and floats around the brooding darkness of the lyrics. It’s easy to be swept away by the prevailing sense of emptiness and loss; guaranteed to send me into sad reflective mode, even if I’m high on sugar and caffeine. ‘Drown’ from Marika Hackman’s debut album, ‘We Slept At Last’.


Emerging folk singer-songwriter Marika Hackman is off to the vast expanse of the desert in her incredibly mysterious new vid. Absolutely stunning and haunting vocals from this rising star Marika Hackman. She looks like an art student, not a former Burberry model, but three years ago, while her friend Cara Delevingne was wrapping her belted mackintosh around Eddie Redmayne, Hackman could be seen on a billboard advertising aviator sunglasses. She also appeared on the fashion label’s online Acoustic music series – a rather better showcase for her music than a poster campaign Hackman’s debut album, We Slept at Last, was issued last month. Her natural “awkwardness” translates as something else in her music. Her voice is boyish and unadorned, and her eyes-down approach looks intense rather than diffident. Her songs are full of surprising modulations that lie just on the wrong side of pretty and her guitar playing is steady as a mill-wheel. Marika Hackman mixes something ancient and modern, and typically British, in the way only Nick Mulvey has done in recent years. Her songs sound as old as peat bogs, but as smart as Radiohead. In the past two years she has toured with Laura Marling, the 1975 and alt-J, and has struck up a musical partnership with producer Charlie Andrew.


It seems somewhat corny to talk of artists going on a ‘journey’ or ‘discovering themselves but over these last few years. Marika Hackman has had such a journey. What makes it even more incredible is that the seismic yet gradual shift from ‘the next Marling’ tag into deeper, darker and stranger territory has all happened before she even released a debut album via a string of increasingly confident (and brilliant) EPs. Now the album has arrived and for the last 11 days Marika Hackman has been premiering each and every track from her incredible debut album “We Slept At Last”. For those of you that have been following the drip feed of songs, you’ll know that “We Slept At Last” is something approaching a masterpiece. Dark, lyrically dense and dripping with ominous musical backing, it is a collection of songs with staggering depth.

The album’s final moment, ‘Let Me In’. A bleak lyrical world is delved into immediately, running over the top of plucked acoustic guitar patterns. Hackman sings “the air out here is thick and I’ve grown thin / been choking on the wind / retching through my skin”, one of many times that she aims her lyrical crosshair at the lesser talked about aspects of human biology. As the chorus glides into view, Hackman’s voice rises to a lifted melody, briefly adding streaks of light into the darkness singing “I could be the light, blaze my own damn trail and you’ll follow” before almost immediatly slamming down the shutters and putting up the barriers, adding “To a cruel hard heartland / I’m a cruel hard heartland.”

It’s always been very clear that Marika Hackman is an artist whose waters run deeper than the standard fare of many of her contempories. “We Slept At Last” sees her confirm this over 12 dramatic songs, the culmination of journey thats been thrilling to follow. One of the most staggering debut albums of recent years.


With the continuing release of tracks from the debut album of the wonderful singer songwriter, Marika Hackman is just one of those artists that continues to impress, and “Next Year” is no exception. Featuring her signature whisper-like and seductively spectral vocals, “Next Year” is just another reason to be excited about “We Sleep At Last”, which is due for release February 16th. Atop its floral bed of lavish production, Hackman offers her distinct brand of effortless folk, once again making her understated approach remarkably cinematic in spite of its scale.

Its sense of soft finality is methodical, slowly unraveling as the track progresses with little sense of urgency, but plenty of closure, the whole track is a textural wonder. With its release just around the corner, this tantalizing taste of the record promises a beautiful and bold debut that’ll make the short wait seem a whole lot longer than it really is.


Marika Hackman, has not been an unfamiliar name to music lovers globally with three highly praised EPs in the past couple of years. Now, Hackman has finally released her debut album which she labels as being “playful in its darkness”. Bravely her debut album has no previous EP tracks – a move that shows self-confidence and indeed it was the right move. ‘Undone, Undress’ is another enchantingly captivating song, the gentle instrumental for the first 20 seconds completely draws the listener in to this stripped back track that highlights vocal ability to play the melancholy emotion of the rest of the album. When the strings kick in at about the 2min30second mark, it lifts the track to a whole new celestial level. Needless to say it’s a highlight on the album.


Another day, and another glorious track from the new  Marika Hackman album due this coming weekend. This one’s entitled “Monday Afternoon”, and unlike a real Monday afternoon, you’ll never want this to end. This one sees woodwind flourishes smoosh together with stellar strings and glorious guitar; it’s pretty tranquil, summery and boasts an abundance of chill.

We Slept At Last is out on 16th February via Dirty Hit Records .


Here is Marika Hackman‘s latest track, ‘In Words’. Taken from her upcoming album We Slept At Last, it’s a track that feels like the sound to burning the midnight oil – quiet and subtle, haunted by a plethora of noises from gleaming percussion and electronic stutterings, to the antique organic dust of a big drum thud and the steady jaunt of rhythmic guitar. At the same time, it sounds beset with breezes, Marika’s voice itself seemingly summoning nature and being outdoors; it’s standing on a mountain at night time, but in a dream.

It’s progressive folk music, with sounds that take you back far, far from its ’60s revival, back to actual folk music, Pagan music, a millennium old atmosphere conjured with its collection of instruments and sounds and vocal chords, ancient spirits in modern vessels all lovingly churned together with help from burgeoning producer Charlie Andrew.

“We Slept At Last” is out 16th February.


Marika Hackman has unveiled another cut from her forthcoming debut album, ‘We Slept At Last’. 

“Skin” is a collaboration between Marika Hackman and London-based singer Sivu. The song was written by Hackman as a duet for the two artists after she was asked by Sivu to sing on one of his own tracks.

The song was distributed for free on cassette tapes as a Christmas Present to fans on Marika’s Tour at the end of 2013, and was released digitally through SoundCloud a few months later. Lyrically, the song is archetypal Marika Hackman, with disturbing anatomical descriptions and beguiling imagery of love.

Out 16th February, ‘Skin’ links up with ‘Before I Sleep’, ‘Drown’, ‘Ophelia’ and ‘Open Wide’ in previewing the record, which comes produced by Charlie Andrew and follows two EPs. She also managed to become a werewolf and eat Laura Marling – that too.  Having already released three stunning EPs, and now she’s readying the release of her debut album, “We Slept At Last”. presenting the premiere of a new track, Skin, the fourth to be unveiled from the album.

The gentle folk tune is a haunting peek into We Slept At Last. The intimacy of Hackman’s words are matched by equally intimate instrumentation, delicate guitar and brooding textures. It’s the most gentle song to come from the album so far and follows the profound Animal Fear, which has been picking up spins

“Skin is, in essence, a love song, although I’m loathe to describe anything I write in that way,” Hackman said of the song’s theme. “I knew it was going to be a duet before I wrote it and it’s the imagined conversation between myself and the object of my desires, then coming to the conclusion that I’m not capable of loving so freely any more, and feeling completely isolated. Chirpy stuff.”

She added that it will act as a kind of “interlude” on the forthcoming the album, which she describes as sonically diverse. “I was worried that it might stick out like a sore thumb but actually I think the record is so diverse anyway that it doesn’t come across like that,” said Hackman. “I love that fact that we lifted lots of the instrumental lines straight off the demo, which I recorded in my bedroom at my parents house, so it feels even more personal in that sense.” The album was crafted with producer Charlie Andrew, who worked on Alt-Js An Awesome Wave and the follow-up This Is All Yours, and also produced Matt Corby‘s Resolution.

Alongside the album, Hackman has compiled a 28-page art book with photographer Glen Erler. She’ll be exhibiting those photos as well as debuting the album live in full at Camden’s Cob Gallery. The debut album by the 22-year-old Brit is due to be released on Friday, 13th February via Sony.

Marika Hackman heads out on tour from late March, beginning in Leicester on 23rd March, and carrying on until 15th April in Southampton.

23 Leicester The Musician
24 Hull Adelphi
25 Stoke Sugarmill
26 Birmingham The Rainbow
28 Nottingham Bodega
30 Milton Keynes Craufurd Arms
31 London Bush Hall

1 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
2 Newcastle Think Tank
3 York Duchess
4 Manchester Night and Day
5 Glasgow King Tuts
9 Bristol Thekla
10 Cardiff St John’s Church
11 Aldershot West End Centre
12 Bedford Esquires
14 Cambridge Portland Arms
15 Southampton Joiners


Marika Hackman’s ascent over the last two years has been wonderful to witness. Emerging as an ‘anti-folk’ prodigy at the tail end of 2012, her string of EP’s to date have showcased a stunning development, each new release showing a groundbreaking new trait to her ever-expanding sound.

It is with little surprise then, that her forthcoming debut album, ” We Slept At Last” set for February is an incredibly exciting prospect, with material from the record slowly trickling out in the build up to the release.

Marika Hackman perform ‘Claude’s Girl’

“This is a song about trying to get to sleep, and being unable to switch off your head” explains Marika Hackman, introducing new track ‘Claude’s Girl’ before performing a stripped back rendition for Gigwise.

Marika Hackman’s debut album “We Slept At Last” will be released 16th February through Dirty Hit Records.





Marika Hackman releases her Debut Album ‘We Slept At Last’ Happy to announce after singles and EP’s that Marika Hackman’s debut album ‘We Slept At Last’ will be released in February 2015. there are also some instore performances including the new Rough Trade Store in Nottingham. The album comes following a series of hugely revered singles and EP’s over the last year, and has been produced by long-term collaborator Charlie Andrew (Alt J, Eugene Mcguinness).